Thursday, November 18, 2010

Games, Games & More Games!

I guess instead of whining about why iOS 4.2 isn't here yet, we can play some GAMES!

A hot one is in the App Store today.  RAGE HD [iTunes link] is the first of a new generation of games for iOS that really shows off what a mobile phone can do.  Check out this video:

For $1.99 and being a universal app, meaning it is optimized for the iPad, this game is awesome.  However, for you veteran first-person shooters, this may be a bit of a letdown because the whole game is on "rails."  You can't just explore the world - you have to follow the story.  But for me, who really sucks at FPS rails are fine.  Rage HD is also optimized for the retina display.  I just wish you had the option of using the gyroscope on the iPhone.

Actually, a new game that does use the gyroscope is Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner [iTunes link].  Now, I don't remember a Falcon Gunner game that was actually in the arcade.  This not only uses the gyroscope but it is also an augmented reality game:

Falcon Gunner also supports the retina display and Game Center.  If you don't want to look silly spinning around, you can disable the gyroscope controls and you can disable the AR view.  It's $4.99 but it's Star Wars.  I got it anyway.

Here's a few more games and apps that are noteworthy today:

GravBot [iTunes link] - FREE - Plus+ Network
Guitar World Lick Of The Day [iTunes link] - FREE
Harry Potter:  Spells - Free [iTunes link] - FREE

Also Street Fighter IV [iTunes link] for the iPhone has an important update.  You get two more characters:  Sagat and DeeJay;  Game Center is now supported;  there is a new fight request feature and you can buy Street Fighter II backgrounds and music for $.99.

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