Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How HDR Works In iOS 4.1

I just got home from work today to see that the new iOS update is ready for download.  I ate a quick meal and my iPhone 4 is now updated to iOS 4.1.

The feature I was anticipating the most was HDR which stands for High Dynamic Range imaging.  Let me explain what it will do for your photos.
Normally when you take photos with your iPhone, either the foreground is very dark like this:

Or the background is too bright and blown out like this:

When you turn on HDR on your iPhone 4 and snap a picture it actually takes THREE photos:  one with low light intensity, one medium and the final one with high light intensity.  Then, the iPhone magically combines the three pictures to form one picture.  And here's how HDR made gave my picture more consistent lighting:

HDR is not available for the iPhone 3GS and earlier models.
Other iOS 4.1 features include:
  • Game Center
  • Support for TV show rentals in iTunes
  • Ability to upload HD videos to YouTube and MobileMe over WiFi on iPhone 4
  • Additional support for AVRCP-supported devices including next & previous track control
  • FaceTime calling directly from Favorites
  • iPhone 4 proximity sensor performance
  • iPhone 3G performance
  • Nike+iPod fixes
  • Bluetooth improvements
I'm really anxious to see how much Bluetooth support has been improved.  It's great now that I can use the track forward and track backwards button on my Motorola S9!

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