Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My iPhone 4 Debacle

It's nice that Apple and AT&T have both apologized for the "approval system malfunctions" when the iPhone 4 preordering commenced. AT&T says the amount of people preordering the iPhone 4 on the first day was ten times the amount of people who preordered the 3GS. Apple says 600,000 people preordered the iPhone 4 on the first day of preorders. And I was not one of them. But, I thought I was.

Here's what happened:

I woke up at 10:30 p.m. HST on June 14 to find that the preorders had begun. I couldn't preorder before work because of "system malfunctions." I couldn't preorder at work because of "system malfunctions." So, I decided to go to the Apple Store at Kahala Mall.

I had to go on a computer to preorder. I got past the AT&T eligibility phase. I got past the screen to select which iPhone 4 to preorder. I chose which store to pick it up from. Then I got this screen:

So, I should be good right? Wrong. I talked with co-workers and they said they had to log in with their Apple ID and they got confirmation e-mails about their reservation. So, I go back to the Kahala Mall store to find out if I'm on the list. I'm not.

AT&T, Best Buy and, presumably, Radio Shack are no longer taking preorders because Apple told them they cannot guarantee the amount of iPhones.

I really wanted to get the iPhone 4 on June 24th because the next day I leave for a trip to Portland, Oregon. I wanted to document my trip with the iPhone 4 720p video camera and edit them with iMovie for iPhone. And I wanted to e-mail them to family and friends.

With the iPhone 4, my trip would have been MAGICAL.

My final hope to get it before my trip is stand in line at the Apple Store and hope I get one. I'm going to wait all day and night if I have to.

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