Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting Ready For The iPad

I have already begun making plans for the iPad in my house. I cleared an area where I'm going to sync and charge it.

I have also already bought a couple of accessories:
Buying cases have paid off in keeping my iPhone 3G in great condition over the last two years. So, I bought this Griffin FlexGrip case. The black looks really good. I definitely don't want the aluminum backing to get scratched.

I also found this cool Griffin A-Frame stand. It supports the iPad in portrait or landscape mode. And if I want to type, I can put it at an angle that is best for typing.

Frankly, I ordered these two items from Griffin because I got a discount on them.

Since I'm going on two trips this year, I'm going to get this Incase Travel Kit Plus. I can put all of my iPad/iPhone accessories in there.

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