Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pictures of Element Case: Liquid Edition

The Element Case: Liquid Edition is a hot new case for the iPhone 3G. If you haven't seen the videos I did on the unboxing and initial impressions of the case, check them out in the posts before this one. But, I thought some nicer pictures would also show you what it is really like to have one:

Element Case Website


msltrojan said...

The all white design came out great. I haven't seen the translucent lid myself - it looks like you can see the time but it does have a more solid cover over the screen - all the other colors are very easy to see through.

A cool tidbit - the colored lids give a neat filter effect when taking pictures while on back of the case.

Clay said...

I do like the matted feel of the frost lid. But, I also like the clear lids as well.

I'm going to try pictures with the "filter" lids.

Sebastien said...

Gosh this thing looks super bulky, no? Isn't it too big in your pocket. I have to admit that besides the bulkiness, it looks very good.