Monday, December 8, 2008

iPhone Racing Games (as of 12/7/2008)

I knew this was going to happen. I made a video of the iPhone racing games on Sunday. I even bought "Fast And Furious: Pink Slip" that day. Monday came and slydial was the big app that came out, so I blogged about that instead. My thinking was that I was going to post this on Tuesday. Well, gameloft just released "Ferrari GT: Evolution." :P I will blog about Ferrari, but in the meantime here's a video I made of the previous racing games. As usual, click on the video while it's playing to get to YouTube to see the hi-res version:

It's no secret that I really love "Asphalt 4." But, "Fast And Furious" is also pretty good. It features better graphics than Asphalt and different types of races like the drifting race and the drag race.
The more I play "Fastlane" the more it grows on me. It's more of a racing simulator than an arcade game. Don't expect to outrun the competition in your first try. I still don't like the onscreen gas pedal though. It would be a much easier game if there was auto-acceleration like most of the racing games.
I would put "Raging Thunder" at the bottom of the bunch but it's still a worthwhile game. I probably would play this more if I didn't have the other games.

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