Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scan Barcodes With Your iPhone

So, your friend has a new T-Mobile G1 Android phone and shows you how ShopSavvy can scan barcodes and find competing prices over the internet. iPhone users, however, cannot do that with a stock iPhone. But, with some money and some patience it can be done.

1) Buy a Griffin Clarifi case. The case comes with a lens that slides over your existing lens to take close-up shots. It retails for $34.99 according to the Griffin website.

2) Download from the App Store for free.

Here's a video of how the Clarifi case works with

Now, I do not have the Clarifi case or the app so I cannot vouch for the quality of these products. If Griffin Technology would send me a Clarifi case to review, I would gladly do so.

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