Friday, November 21, 2008

iPhone OS 2.2 Adventure

What a week it has been for my iPhone! Yesterday, I lose network connectivity for half the day. Then last night, my iPhone was bricked and my iPhone USB driver was damaged after I tried to upgrade to OS 2.2!

Last night I saw that OS 2.2 was ready for an update. I decided to try and update it before I go to work. It downloaded to iTunes fine and then my iPhone made a backup. But, at the very end of the installation I get an error that 2.2 was not installed. And in one fell swoop, my iPhone was stuck on the screen, just like this picture I posted, and then iTunes all of a sudden could not recognize my iPhone so I couldn't even RESTORE!
So, I had to go to work with a bricked iPhone.

After work, I went to the Apple Store just so that I could get my iPhone restored. Then, I came back home and it took me 3-4 hours to figure out that my Apple Mobile Device USB Driver wasn't working right and I had to get it replaced. Unfortunately, uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes didn't do the trick. What I had to do was go into Control Panel and uninstall iTunes and uninstall the Apple Mobile Device Application. Then, I could reinstall iTunes, launch iTunes and then connect my USB cord to my iPhone and it finally reinstalled the driver.

Thankfully, iTunes still had my backup from last night. However, my backup didn't reload all my applications, music and videos. I'm reinstalling those right now.

I'm sure I'll like the 2.2 upgrade. I'm just not a big fan of it right now.


Sebastien said...

The good ol' restore... I don't count anymore the times I had to go through this. It always scares me for a few minutes that my iPhone won't start again..

Sebastien said...

I am stuck in recovery mode too. I'm gonna follow your directions and see if it works...