Thursday, November 27, 2008

BlackBerry Bold & The HTC Fuze

On my exercise tour of Honolulu yesterday, I decided to stop by the AT&T store. I checked out the BlackBerry Storm and the G1 (sort of) earlier this week so I wanted to see the latest and greatest at my home store.

BlackBerry Bold

The first thing I wanted to check out was the BlackBerry Bold. After having used the Storm, I already had some expectations of the Bold. In general, I actually liked the Bold more than the Storm. I thought it was easier to navigate on the Bold. On the Storm, the whole "pressing down the screen" thing did not agree with me as far as menu navigation. However, the physical keyboard is not any easier to use than the Storm's virtual keyboard. My fat fingers are a bit big for the tiny buttons. And the shift key is a bit low for my tastes. So, ironically, the biggest beef I have with BlackBerrys in general is the keyboard - which is also the reason why BlackBerry users hate the iPhone. If I HAD to get a BlackBerry, I'd get a Bold. The only thing that the Storm has over the Bold is a bigger screen. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean it's a better overall experience.

HTC Fuze

After feeling the hardware of the HTC G1, I was amazed to find that the Fuze was so much more solid! It didn't feel like a flimsy piece of plastic. The Fuze has a nice car-like glossy finish. The hinges that connect the screen to the keyboard are on BOTH sides of the phone, which means you can't simply peel the screen away from the phone like with the G1. The keyboard is also superior to the G1. The keys are raised enough to have a nice feel to them. The G1's keys are too flush. In fact, I have an easier time typing on the Fuze than on any BlackBerry I've tried. I also like the touchscreen on the Fuze, which seems easier to use than the Storm and the Bold doesn't have a touchscreen. The only thing about the Fuze is that it runs Windows Mobile 6.1. If the Fuze ran on the Android platform, I think it could really compete against the iPhone. As it stands, I'd get a Fuze over the BlackBerry.

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