Friday, October 3, 2008

iPhone App Marketing Takes A "Quantum" Leap

I think iPhone app marketing will become a useful tool in the worlds outside of computing, namely politics and entertainment, as evidenced by a couple of interesting applications in the App Store.
Yesterday, the presidential campaign for Barack Obama came out with an app called "Obama '08." It's basically a way for volunteers to get together. The app also lists where Obama stands on all the issues. Not bad for a free app. And, of course, you can donate money through the app and make calls to your friends for Obama (yeah, right).
Today, I found an interesting free movie promotional app called "James Bond - 007." The title and the logo immediately caught my eye.

It features trailers, video blogs, movie synopsis, list of cast & filmmakers, as well as a chance to preview and download the movie's main song.

Although this isn't more than what you would find at the movie's website, an iPhone app is the perfect venue for this kind of content. Next to no one would waste their precious free time at home sitting at the computer watching 007 videos. BUT... when you're bored and on-the-go, anything goes!

This is how a movie should be promoted on the iPhone. "The Dark Knight: HaHaHa" was a silly and poorly executed attempt at promoting a movie.

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