Sunday, August 3, 2008

Searching For Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

It's been about 3 weeks since I got my iPhone 3G and I love it!
Now, I'm on a mission to find all the great FREE wi-fi hotspots in Honolulu. I found out a way to get 2 hours of free wi-fi at all the Starbucks basically for free. See details on that here.
I also have a webapp on my iPhone called the JiWire Wi-Fi Finder. I search for only the free ones. My mission is to look them up and actually go there and check out if the free service is still going. I found two great wi-fi hotspots so far:
The first one is at the food court at Pioneer Plaza at 900 Fort Street Mall in the heart of downtown (see picture, left). I went there on a Sunday and although all the shops were closed, but the wi-fi was still going. It had an average speed of 1.7 Mbps! That's fast! There was no special setup needed. Although I'm not in downtown a lot, this might be a great excuse to talk a walk to downtown and have lunch there.
Another one that's easy to set up is the free wi-fi at the Honolulu Academy Of Arts. You have to choose the ShakaNet wi-fi option first. Then, go to Safari and there will be a ShakaNet page. Agree to the terms and conditions and you have FREE wi-fi! This one also has an average speed of 1.7 Mbps. I could even get the wi-fi while waiting at the nearby bus stop. Awesome!

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Rossb said...

There's another spot that's nice if it's raining just up Fort st from 900 - it's at the corner of Queen & Bishop at the Honolulu Cafe. They offer free WiFi even when they're closed...

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