Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm Getting An iPhone

I have decided I'm getting an iPhone. However, I will wait until Steve Jobs officially unveils the new 3G network iPhone, hopefully sometime in June.

Maybe I should wait a couple of weeks after that and there might be a price drop. ;o)

I actually don't use my cell phone a lot to talk with people.

And I would use the other functions like the internet, calendar, etc. if they actually functioned well on my current cell phone. I really like the idea of having the internet on the go. And having your iPod with you all the time is nice as well.

Really, it's not a phone. It's a toy. But a very sophisticated toy.

I wish I could buy it before I go on my trip to Portland on May 27th. But, I know the new iPhone won't come out by then. Oh well...

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