Sunday, February 1, 2009 At Bat 2009

It's a fact. No other professional sports league in the world supports the iPhone like Major League Baseball. The NFL has an exclusive agreement with Sprint and could care less about the iPhone. Apparently, the iPhone isn't a priority with the NBA and NHL - leagues that really need some fan support right now.  And, so far, there's no official apps from the PGA, LPGA, FIFA, NCAA, or NASCAR.

Meanwhile, MLB is about to come out with its latest app called MLB At Bat 2009.  The only downside to this app is that it is based on a subscription - the app only lasts for a season and the subsequent offseason.  Still, for a guy like me who's a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and live in the middle of the Pacific, it's an invaluable tool.  I noticed last season, the app cost around $7 to $8. If you bought it in the middle of the season, it would be literally half the price.  I think that's fair.

In addition to all the previous features of the app, this year's new feature is live game AUDIO. Amazing.  You can download the offseason version of the MLB At Bat [iTunes link] app for FREE.

If you've never tried MLB At Bat before, here's a quick commercial of its features:


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