Thursday, January 1, 2009

Memory Stick

So, you've got an iPhone and all these gigabytes of space but yet there is no native way of using it as a hard drive.  DataViz has been teasing iPhone users about porting its Documents To Go application to view and edit MS Excel, Word, Powerpoint and PDF files.  But so far, nothing.

Right now, some of your options in the App Store are:
Right now on the App Store, the maker of Memory Stick is offering its app for free for a limited time.
It is very similar to Datacase and Air Sharing.  Although the description is a bit misleading, you NEED a Wi-Fi connection to upload files.  If you don't have either Datacase, Air Sharing or another paid file sharing app I would suggest picking up Memory Stick for free.

Here are my thoughts on the apps I mentioned above:

Datacase:  Bookmarking feature is highly useful.  With a PDF that has 100 pages or more, bookmarking is almost necessary because scrolling through PDFs on any app seems to be more sluggish than any other file type.  Page Up/Down and First/Last Page buttons are also useful.

Air Sharing:  Has a slider to move faster through a document as well as Page Up/Down buttons.  Makes use of the double-tap zoom in.  Slightly better scrolling performance than Datacase.  Best solution for someone who does not have Wi-Fi capability.  No landscape mode.  Storage capacity is 1 GB if you don't want to pay for more.  There is also an upload restriction.

Memory Stick:  Utilizes double tap for zooming in.  Is currently a basic file sharing app.


SeanLindoNU said...

Hi Clayton, this is Sean from Thanks for recommending Box! In addition to your comments, as you mentioned, Box does offer more storage (5 GB and up), file uploads up to 1 GB and unlimited bandwidth on our affordable paid plans. For people that still want convenient content access and the ability to share files on with any of their iPhone contacts for free, they can upload files up to 25 MB in size. Feel free to send any questions our way, or keep in touch via the Box blog at

Clay said...

Hi Sean! It's amazing that you read our blogs!
Anyway, I love the app. It gives the iPhone a different functionality and it's great for those who do not have Wi-Fi access and still want to view their files.
I know it's a free app, but I would love to see a landscape mode update.
And I think this could be a paid app, but I'm not sure how willing iPhone users are to pay a monthly fee.
Anyway, great app and I hope to see improvement and updates down the road.