Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's Up With The FARTING iPhone Apps?

For some reason, there has been a huge flow of FARTING apps in the iTunes App Store.  Check it out:
  1. Fart Machine - Extreme Sound Effects
  2. iFart - Fart Machine with Delay Timer
  3. Fart Button
  4. Fart Keyboard
  5. FartBox (Position Detection)
  6. Who Farted?
  7. Pull My Finger
  8. Touch My Finger
  9. iFart Mobile
  10. iPooted
  11. WhoopieCushion
  12. Mr. Poot!
  13. iToot
  14. Fartz
  15. Excuse Me
  16. iWhoopi
  17. iFart
  18. myFart
  19. iPhart
And that's NOT counting the sound effects apps that include farting.  Plus, the vast majority of them cost $.99.  I wouldn't even download them for FREE.

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